How to Clean a Gun with Household Items

How to Clean a Gun with Household Items
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How to Clean a Gun with Household Items

One of the most important things we have to do to keep our guns in good condition is to clean them when it is due. 

In the market, you'll find a variety of cleaning kits that will help you with this task, but sometimes investing in those tools is not something we can do.

What we need in that scenario is to learn how to clean a gun with household items, and that's what we'll do today.

Preparations before Cleaning the Gun

First, before you start the maintenance process, make sure you unload the gun. Even if you thought you already did it a day early, check once again as you handle the gun. It may not seem like a big deal, but knowing how quickly an accident can occur, it is better if we’re cautious with firearms.

After checking the gun is ready to go, we can now proceed into the maintenance tasks. Head over to a comfortable flat surface where you’ll lay the many pieces of the firearm for the most comfort. Keep the parts close, and don’t let them out of sight.

What Items Will You Need?

Another question we'll address is what household items will you need for this operation. Here's a list.

  • Transmission Oil

It will work as a lubricant to keep the gun parts in good condition. Transmission oil fights off carbon impurities, which we'll find very often inside the parts. 

This substance will work not only to clean guns but to maintain other household tools and items too. You'll do well having one at home.

  • Kerosene

Now, who doesn't have kerosene around the house? It is the ultimate solvent for countless maintenance tasks you inevitably will have to do. So, whether you use it for maintenance tasks in your home, to clean items, or to maintain guns, kerosene is a reliable ally to get rid of impurities.

Keep in mind that some kerosene, like the 2-K type, could be too strong for some people. That's why you want to get 1-K kerosene instead.

  • Mineral Spirits

These items will help you dissolve the oil. They're cheap, multipurpose, and efficient, so why wouldn't you have one nearby?

Steps to Clean Your Gun Using Household Items

As you’ve probably guessed it, cleaning a gun doesn’t take much time. You’ll spend more time disassembling and assembling the parts back. And even then, if you’ve got previous experience doing it, putting the pieces back together shouldn’t be a problem.

  • First, get your cleaning mat and place it on the table. We discussed this step in the previous section, but we have to mention it once again: a comfortable surface to clean the gun will make the task much easier.
  • Now, separate the parts of the gun. Guiding you through this step could be tricky for us, as there are many firearm models and some disassemble differently than others. If you have a manual, follow the steps to take the parts out, and place them over the surface nearby.
  • After putting the parts aside, start cleaning the bolt. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning, and then follow up by cleaning the chamber and the barrel.
  • The trick to clean these parts successfully is cutting a large cloth into small pieces, just enough for them to fit into the barrel. After you finish, put the cleaned parts on the side as you continue with the rest.
  • On some occasions, the debris won't come off that easily. Follow the next steps if that's the case.
  • Grab the piece of cloth and soak it in lubricant oil. Ensure every side is wet, and then use it to wipe out every contaminant from the gun’s parts. Continue doing this process until you start noticing a clean surface.
  • You want to put special attention onto the firing pin, which you can find in the bolt’s inner side. Focus on this part as much as needed to make it look shiny and clean. After that, proceed to care for the chamber and barrel.
  • Get a firm grip over the part with both barrel and chamber, and start cleaning the pollutants away. Grab the cloth pieces you cut before, and sue them to reach deep into the chamber for thorough maintenance. If necessary, use a pointy item to push the cloth inside.
  • Repeat that process as many times as needed to get the dirt out of the chamber and barrel. 

After that, you’ll be ready to assemble the pieces back together. Use a clean cloth to leave a perfectly shiny surface on the exterior of the gun, and when you finish, start assembling the pieces to complete the cleaning process.

Precautions while Cleaning Your Gun

Like we mentioned early, your security should always come first. If you want to clean your guns safely, there are some precautions to keep in mind.

  • Normal Oil Won't Work as Lubricant

What do we mean with normal oil? We're talking about those you'll find in the kitchen or those you'd normally use for cosmetic purposes. They're good for those purposes, but they won't work well as a lubricant.

  • The Cleaning Cloth

We mentioned that cutting a large cloth into small pieces would help you reach inside the parts, but you have to cut them at a reasonable size. For instance, if you cut them too small, they may get stuck inside the parts, which is not what we want.

  • Take Your Time

Cleaning the gun is pretty easy, but there's no need to rush it. You're handling a firearm that could potentially be dangerous if you don't treat it properly. Even if you have experience cleaning your gun, take your time.

  • Double Check before Use

After assembling the parts, do a quick check to confirm they are working properly.

Final Words

We shouldn't fear cleaning the gun as long as we do it the right way. With our article, we hope you now have a proper method to maintain your firearm using household items.

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