The LuthAR MBA 3 Stock review

MBA - 3
May 28, 2018 216 view(s)

The LuthAR MBA 3 Stock review

The LuthAR MBA – 3 is a very interesting stock, it is not a traditional stock that most would put on the traditional AR platform. When it comes to carbine buffer tubes, most people start looking at the traditional Magpul stocks, Mission First Tactical and many others. This is not an issue for a traditional AR, but as long-range precision is becoming more and more popular LuthAR stepped up to create a precision stock that can be fit onto a standard carbine buffer. This opens up the ability for those who do not like fixed stocks or cannot use a traditional fixed stock to use a precision stock.

The MBA – 3 is made fully out of polymer with only a few parts of metal being used as the adjustment knobs, screws and set screw. This does not make the MBA – 3 light by any means as even the basic milspec stocks are much lighter than this stock. But that is fine, because this stock isn’t meant to be run and gun with, it is meant to be put on a bench or dropped on the ground and adjusted to you, so that you can take the best shot possible. I got the stock in the mail and immediately fell in love, while the outside of the box is boring (discreet) but once you get inside of the box, there is a change, it shows all their products and a link to their website on where to buy the product if you got if for someone as a gift they can find it easily enough. I got my hands on the stock and immediately started tinkering with the stock, there are two large knobs that are used to adjust the butt pad and the cheek rest. There are screws on the butt pad area that allows the user to change the position of the butt pad to get a better cheek weld or to adjust it higher or lower depending on your need. I didn’t need to change mine, my cheek riser went up a few stages and helped me set up sight picture to my scope much more consistently than my old stock. There are other features that are really nice. The first is the small set screw on the side, this set screw trues up the stock and keeps the stock from moving on the user. It also doesn’t require anyone to find the right sized allen wrench, the needed allen wrench for all screws on the stock is actually in the stock in a holding area that secures it into the stock. I had to remove it with a pair of pliers the first time because it was very stiff. It comes with a small amount of picatinny rail on the rear of the stock, this is for a monopod to stabilize while shooting and removing a majority of the recoil. Once I got onto the range and started doing full adjustments and working with the stock I found it to be wonderful. I put it on my 6.5 Grendel as it is slowly transforming from a lightweight hunting rifle to a potential long-range shooter. I did bench work and prone work with the 6.5 Grendel. AR-15s I love the LuthAR MBA-3, it is a fantastic stock and if you are looking to upgrade your stock to try and shoot long range but you don’t want or can’t use a fixed stock than this would be the stock for you.

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Donovan Mullen served 5.5 years in the US Army as military police and served one tour in Afghanistan. He has been shooting for 15 years from Olympic standard precision air rifle to the AR15 platform. He has built all of the AR15 platform rifles and pistols he owns and has gained a lot of knowledge of how to put a rifle together and what parts to select for which build.
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