Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. Magazine Advanced Release System for Glock

Rainier Arms M.A.R.S.
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Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. Magazine Advanced Release System for Glock

The Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. (Magazine Advanced Release System) for Glock, designed by Battleline Industries full review and how to.

How to

◴: 5 minutes $: 66.45 ☺: 4.7/5


  • 1 Rainier Arms M.A.R.S.
  • 1 Glock (Gen 1-3) required; 1 Agency Arms Hybrid Special optional
  • 1 Punch pin 3/32 or screwdriver
  • 1 Jake Hoback Kwaiback optional (sexy box cutter)

Jake Hoback KwaibackRainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxingRainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 2Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 3Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 4Rainier Arms M.A.R.S. unboxing 5


  • Remove magazine and slide with barrel / spring components
  • Using a flat head screwdriver or punch pin remove the roll pin spring
      • a. Push “away and out” to remove from notch (following the guide)

    Roll pin spring removal
  • Remove stock / old magazine release
  • Insert MARS device
  • Reinsert the roll pin spring and align into groove

Roll pin insert

  • Make sure to hear the “click” that roll pin is securely in place

Glock with M.A.R.S. mounted

  • Go TRAIN!


Initial thoughts

Right off the bat one could identify this was a quality product: aircraft-grade aluminum and a hard-anodized finish. It was small, but it was of solid construction. Even with a quick scan of the MARS you can’t help but admire the ingenuity. The design concept is a thing of engineering beauty. This is a COMPLETE ambidextrous release for the Glock platform. The installation is extremely simple and requires minimal effort. The conception is interesting as it offers the same options to the shooter regardless of handedness. Although many individuals think the MARS is only geared towards the left-handed shooter I disagree and here’s why:

  1. Orthodox release (thumb)
    • a. Engrained method
    • b. Larger hands
    • c. Larger fingers
  2. Unorthodox / southpaw release (index)
    • a. New release option (initial grip maintained: grip or alignment is not compromised)
    • b. Smaller hands
    • c. Smaller fingers

The limitations are not so much the tool, but your own mindset and training. The MARS true ambidextrous release system can meet all needs. The one difference that does not make this a mirrored ambi release is that one side mimics the stock release with a longer and beefier tab, while the other side employs something that is more along the line of a lever.

Personal note:

As a right handed shooter with large hands I found it difficult to train myself to use my index finger and not my thumb. The act felt just downright foreign and will require a decent amount of training. Switching to the weak hand on the other hand (no pun intended) was a different story. I found the release to be easier and more natural. This definitely encouraged me to want to train more often with my weak hand.


  1. The bulkier tab provides a larger surface area to hit for easier manipulation.
  2. New release option (index release allows magazine release without altering the original grip)
  3. Minimal alteration to the Glock
  4. Larger number of manipulation combinations for different training scenarios.

Cons: (potential cons)

  1. Many people will have inhibitions about installing the MARS in their Glock. The thought of retraining themselves and basically reprogramming their muscle memory (both left/right handed shooters) sounds inconvenient.
  2. The lever release side does not protrude as much requiring finer motor skills than normally required. It also has smaller activation point so contact needs to be closer to the curve rather than the flat of the lever.

Preliminary Conclusions:

The MARS seems to be a no-brainer to me for left-handed shooters. Just the advantage of being able to manipulate the release with your thumb would be well worth the purchase. However, it has its fair share of goodies for the right-handed shooter as well. The MARS opens up different combinations of release manipulation. Adding different layers to those who are pushing their skills with scenario based training: weak hand defense options, obstruction/barricade and attacking corners. Training plans can be configured around the options that the MARS provides. I am extremely impressed by the MARS and its potential. The results do match the hype. Updates to this review will be added after a few more months of training with the MARS. If you’re an individual who loves activities that test mind and body then you’ll really love the challenge that the MARS brings.

"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both... and surpass the result" - Tien T'ai

About the author:

JS, is a firearms and outdoor enthusiast who loves T&E gear.

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