Rainier Industries Update 10-19-2021

Rainier Industries Update 10-19-2021
October 19, 2021 161 view(s)

Rainier Industries Update 10-19-2021

Upcoming products to be excited for! Last summer we founded Rainier Industries for us to have complete creative control of our products. Our goal is to bring the best possible products to our customers and there is no better way of achieving that goal than by making them ourselves. A ton of work is involved with getting a new machine shop up and running, but we are finally at the stage where we are ready to start releasing a ton of new products. If you are unfamiliar with Rainier Industries, we want to share some of the products we’ve released within the last year and some of the new products we plan on introducing in the future.

Products we’ve made. The first product we launched was our Rainier Arms AIX (Angled Integrated Stop), a reversible M-LOK hand stop designed to provide increased traction to any rifle. These hand stops come in 3 different variations (No Hole, Holed, and Profile) and are a great addition to any rifle build. Shortly after, we introduced our AR-15 Extended Take Down and Pivot Pin Set. These ergonomic extended pin sets come in 3 different variations (Black, Bronze, or Stainless) and should be the perfect pin set that matches any build. The most recent product we released was our Rainier Industries Avalanche AR-15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle, a redesign of one of our best-selling products. These new charging handles come with our modular Hex-latches, but can also be swapped out for our longer Tac1-latches which we sell separately, or all together in a kit. One big change we made to these new charging handles is the updated latch angle, which has significantly improved locking and charging. Check out our product page to see the full list of changes we made to this redesign. We also introduced another version of our Avalanche Charging Handle that features our new non-changeable latches. We are calling these the Rainier Industries Avalanche AR-15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle - ANC. This new version is a great option for those that don’t plan on switching out their latches as the ANC Avalanche provides a more robust build at a cheaper cost. The ANC Avalanche currently comes in two different variations (AR-15 and SIG MCX). What to look forward to!

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the products we’ve already introduced, we want to share some of the products that will be released in the future. The first product to be on the lookout for is our Rainier Industries Avalanche SIG MPX Ambidextrous Charging handle. Customers who have been requesting an MPX version of our Avalanche should be happy to hear that we plan on featuring our updated Avalanche on the MPX platform. Additionally, we are looking into bringing new colors to our Avalanche line as providing our customers with more options has always been something we pride ourselves on. See the image below for some of the colors that will be available in the future. More parts. Another product that will be coming out is our Rainier Industries Enhanced End Plates. These endplates will come in three different versions (single-point, single-point heavy-duty, and three-point) and will all feature QD sockets. We also plan to make a variety of parts for popular guns such as the CZ Scorpion and Grand Power Stribog. The first two products to come out will be our CZ Scorpion Charging Handle and our Grand Power Stribog Receiver Extension. Last, but certainly not least is our Rainier Industries Hero billet receiver set. This receiver set is special in that it will feature both an ambidextrous magazine release and bolt catch. We are not cutting any corners with our products as we are striving to make the best billet receiver set on the market. This has been a long process, however, we are nearing the finish line with our receiver set so make sure to follow our Instagram to receive updates about when our receiver set drops and any of our other upcoming products!

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