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Who are we?

We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on function or form, we seek to improve and customize our firearms, its accessories and accompanying gear to suit our individual requirements and tastes.

We are inquisitive. We seek answers to questions, common and uncommon, whose information firearms users would find useful. Seeking out experts in their fields, we pursue real world knowledge from those who know the facts.

We aim to share all aspects of what we learn and see in the multi-faceted firearms world that we live in. We recognize great style and trends when we see them. We proudly spotlight the tastemakers that are not afraid to push the limits.



For years, enthusiasts focused on the firearm in its pure, untouched form. Less than a decade ago, the aftermarket accessories market really came into its own, taking over much of the firearms industry’s focus. In the past couple of years, these aftermarket parts have steadily migrated to appear on factory offerings as standard equipment.

It’s from this “factory-accessorized-firearm” jumping off point that UN12 will push the limits. While UN12 fully embraces “bolt-on parts”, it also recognizes that enthusiasts today are no longer content with only using these ready-made parts and are taking it upon themselves to take their guns and gear to a higher level of customization.

We believe that modern firearms enthusiasts are thinkers, tinkerers, and trailblazers. Never leaving “good enough” alone, the UN12 reader believes in truly customizing their guns and gear. It is UN12’s mission to showcase the individuality of these forward thinkers and doers, and the bespoke work that they achieve.

Also, like you, UN12 likes “cool-guy shit” too and will unapologetically and gratuitously flaunt the high end stuff in its pages as well.


UN12 | UN12 Magazine

UN12 | UN12 Magazine
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