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The biggest and freshest firearms magazine focuses on customization and individuality.

UN12 believes that modern firearms enthusiasts are thinkers, tinkerers, and trailblazers. Never leaving “good enough” alone, the UN12 reader believes in customizing their guns, gear and whatever else they get their hands on. It is UN12’s mission to showcase the individuality of these forward thinkers and doers, and the incredible bespoke work they achieve.

UN12 is the firearms print magazine you didn't realize you needed. Filled with pages of the most unique and current firearms content while focused on delivering the best photography reproduction we’ve seen, we promise it’ll be love at first sight. Like you, UN12 likes “cool-guy shit” too and will unapologetically and gratuitously flaunt the high end stuff as well.

UN12 is printed on the heaviest stock in the industry and is the largest trim of them all as well. Each issue is printed in limited quantities and includes a limited edition collectible patch. Due to the limited nature of UN12, when it's sold out, that's it. Don't miss out.