The SIG P320 Build of the Week

Sig P320 Cover
August 5, 2020 2256 view(s)

The SIG P320 Build of the Week

This week's build of the week is another one of our staffer's gun builds. Although it technically is a Sig Sauer P320 gun, about the only thing left that came out of the Sig Sauer plant that's actually on the gun, is the Fire Control Unit and some of the upper parts. The rest was outfitted by some of the latest in aftermarket accessories for the P320.


The aftermarket support for the Sig P320 has grown so big that even Sig Sauer recognized it and recently flew out most of these manufacturers on this build to their HQ for a week to engage with the mothership better. In fact, all of the manufacturers used on this build was in attendance.


Sig P320


Let's step through this build from the very top, starting with the slide. Grey Ghost Precision manufactures the aftermarket slide. It's their V1 P320 compact slide in Grey. Sitting on the slide itself to help with faster target acquisition is the Swampfox Liberty Red dot. And a pair of Nightfision Glowdome night sights are also along for the ride. Inside the slide itself sits an L2D Combat Precision Match Series barrel in TIN, which offsets the slide very nicely while still providing excellent lock up and accuracy.


Sig P320 parts


Moving on to the lower half, the grip module is done by Mirzon, and it's their Gen 2 model in Grey color. Helping to get magazines funneled into the gun is a Springer Precision magazine well. And although it doesn't sit completely flush with the grip module, it does help lock your hand in a little better with the funnel. Another product on the grip module itself is one that we get a lot of questions about, but it's a "gas pedal" designed by Gogun USA. The owner has used a gas pedal for several of his competition guns now for over ten years and swears by it. Magazine base pads are also Springer Precision base pads, and the final piece to it all is a trigger by GrayGuns Adjustable Straight trigger.


Devil Dog Hardcharger


GoGun Gas Pedal


Springer Magwell is designed for the Original Sig Grip module so it will have a little gap in the back. This does not affect any performance issues but could be an eyesore.


Rainier Arms AR15 QD Stock Adapter Kit by Rellium Arms


The gun is a lot of fun to shoot and is more accurate than the owner by a long shot. It's good to know if you miss, it is all you.






swampfox liberty rmr


Shop Swampfox Liberty


Grey ghost Precision Slide V1




l2d combat precision




GoGun Gas Pedal




Mirzon Gen2 Grip Module


Mirzon Gen 2 Sig Grip Module


P320 Adjustable Trigger


GRAYGUNS P320 Adjustable Trigger


NightFision Glow Dome


Nightfision Sig Glow Dome


Springer Precision Magwell


Springer Precision Magwell Sig


By Aristotle Bartolome
Director of Marketing, Rainier Arms and Triggrcon
Ari is a lifelong firearms enthusiast, 3gun and USPSA competitive shooter, product tester, firearms content creator and host of Rainier Arms The Peak Podcast Show.

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